Goods and Services Tax

Gst Online Registration
Benefits Of Having GST Registration

With the implementation of the gst regime government simplified the indirect tax system with one taxation system. In gst both service tax and the vat or tin number and any other indirect tax covered in one taxation regime called gst. As the implementation of gst government main focus is to convert the midle Indian business person to a taxpayer. Prior regime is not follow by the all the person this is one of the loophole of the india taxation regime, but the implementation of gst there are lots of small business man who comes under the gst as a taxpayer. And also government taking care of the people to get registered in gst as their liability occurred by making a system which is follow by the surveillance for the government, so by implementation of this system the registered taxpayer mostly wants to deal with a person who is registered taxpayer, as they can avail input tax from the other doing business with getting gst number is way good to do without it.

For single person business person-
Pan card – pan card of the applicant
Aadhaar card/ identity card – aadhaar card or any other identity card for address proof
Photo- photo of the applicant
Utility bill/electricity bill- electricity bill, water bill or municipal tax receipt for the address proof of the business premises
Bank details- cancel cheue or bank statement or pass book first page for bank details

For company and LLp
Pan card- pan card of the company or llp
Director details- pan card , photo and aadhar card of the all the director.
COI/LLPIN- company incorporation certificate or limited liability partner incorporation certificate of the company or llp
Utility bill- electricity bill or water bill or municipal tax receipt of the business premises of the company
Bank details- bank details of the company or any director of the company

For partnership business-
Pan card – pan card of the partnership firm
Partner details- pan card , photo and aadhaar of the all the partners
Partnership deed- partnership deed of the partnership firm
Utility bill- address proof of the premises of the partnership firm like electricity bill or water bill or municipal tax receipt
Bank details— bank details of the partnership firm or any partner bank details-.